No Fajitas Here!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo – Happy 5th of May

Celebrating Another Country’s Holiday

With that being said how many of you celebrate a holiday of another country and know nothing about it? You have no idea what it is based from, but yet drink to it?

Who can tell me (Non-Mexican-Americans) what the holiday stems from?

You want to celebrate it by going to their restaurants &/or drinking, but yet you want Trump to get rid of them? SMH….can not have your cake & eat it too!

It really pisses me off when my husband & I are in a Mexican Restaurant eating and (there’s always one) someone is staring at us like we don’t belong there. Seriously? Mexicans like to go out to eat their own food also. What are they doing in a Mexican restaurant? They aren’t Mexican. What do they expect? If they are racist then why are they there in the first place?


North Carolina has had quite an increase in the Hispanic population over the past 20 years. But the majority of people here are still not accepting them. In other areas of the country like up north, there are many races with neighborhoods, schools, & churches that are diversified living in harmony. But here in the South, there is still that dark cloak of prejudice people won’t let go as if they are protecting their sanctity of a pure race. You would think that in these days of the 21st century that racism and prejudice would be at a minimum, but it is still living strong in the school systems, workplace and the streets in the South.

Let me say that I am a white American and I am married to a Hispanic. My daughters have been fortunate enough to grow up in a multicultural family. With this upbringing, I believe that I have raised them teaching them not to be prejudice against anyone. There is no excuse for bringing up a child any other way.

So when you go out today or this evening to “celebrate” Cinco de Mayo” aka. the 5th of May, know what you are celebrating. Impress your friends or the wait staff at Pancho Villa or Dos Amigos. These are good people and they work hard to make your dining experience a good one. Give them something back as recognition that you appreciate them enough to learn something about their country.

Muchas Gracias,

Leslie Zpt.

Here’s a link to explain what Cinco de Mayo really represents:   What is Cinco de Mayo

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