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Feliz Cinco de Mayo – Happy 5th of May

Celebrating Another Country's Holiday With that being said how many of you celebrate a holiday of another country and know nothing about it? You have no idea what it is based from, but yet drink to it? Who can tell me (Non-Mexican-Americans) what the holiday stems from? NO CHEATING….NO GOOGLE! You want to celebrate it… Continue reading Feliz Cinco de Mayo – Happy 5th of May

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AT&T/Direct TV 0, MOM 1

Today I had to be at my mom's at 8 am. My mom decided finally to switch back to cable from Direct TV. She couldn't be there since she's in the hospital. That's another blog all in its self. She had been thinking about switching, but the wind storm the other week made up her… Continue reading AT&T/Direct TV 0, MOM 1