Out Behind The Shed

Muscadine Fields

The old Blackburn Homeplace   Muscadine Fields   Told as if narrated by my mom as a little girl: Growing up I lived on an old dirt road down from my grandparent's homeplace in Wilkes County, NC. I've walked up that dusty or muddy dirt road every day of my life that I can remember… Continue reading Muscadine Fields

Out Behind The Shed


MOM My Hero I've not been writing lately here on my blog. Having a family emergency always leaves you unprepared. It can, however, give you something to think about. Then possibly something to write about. My mom means the world to me like most moms do to their children. I love her with all my heart.… Continue reading MOM SWEET MOM

Out Behind The Shed

An Addition to the Family

Our Newest Baby (2 years ago) Meet Montana Cowgirl Josee, our newest member to the family as of yesterday. She's an 8 week old Blue Heeler. She is already showing the signs of a great dog as most Blue Heelers are. We had a storm last night with lightning & not too loud of thunder… Continue reading An Addition to the Family

Feed & Seed

Mexican Meatballs – Albondigas

Cold Weather Food Make these for your next brunch date for a guaranteed hit! Your guests will think you are a genius. Also great for after school snacks after they are done just wrap in aluminum foil and freeze. When you’re ready to eat them just drop them into almost boiling water in a pot for… Continue reading Mexican Meatballs – Albondigas