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AT&T/Direct TV 0, MOM 1

Today I had to be at my mom’s at 8 am. My mom decided finally to switch back to cable from Direct TV. She couldn’t be there since she’s in the hospital. That’s another blog all in its self.

She had been thinking about switching, but the wind storm the other week made up her mind for her. Evidently, the wind blew the dish out of sink from the satellite. And like so many times before whenever mother nature threw something at us, she was watching a blank screen.


So she calls AT&T to see what they could do, or how fast they could come out. Like always they wanted her to check all the cables from the box and TV. Being 71 she’s not able to do that and she let the customer care person know right quick. They asked her to unplug the box for a minute then plug it back in as they always do also. Trying to explain to them about the wind storm this idiot just ignores her talking over her (she always talks on speaker phone. I could hear their conversation). They finally piss her off enough that she hangs up on them.

The next day she tries calling back again to see if someone could come out and realign the dish for her. Well, this time she couldn’t get past the password or privacy question. The customer care person was asking her the same question as the one had the day before. She tells them the answer and they say it’s not right. I know damn good and well it was, from listening to the conversation from the day before. It’s the one she uses all the time. So they refuse to go any further since she did not know the correct password, telling her to call back when she does.

When she gets off the phone she tells me to order cable. So AT&T you screwed yourself again. You need to come up with a better system on verifying accounts. The elderly are not able to do or remember as good as the rest of us. Most are not tech wise as most everything we do now has something to do with technology. Their generation is being left behind.

The Cable Man

Ok, so I get to mom’s around 7:50 am. Mom’s appointment was between 8 am-9 am. You know as well as I do that the cable man is always late if he even shows at all. Low and behold he pulls in the driveway at 8 am on the dot! I could not believe it and would not have had I not seen it with my own eyes.

He was the nicest and quickest I had ever come across in all my experiences with “the cable man.” He was very polite, even hooking up mom’s two phones by her chair even though he wasn’t required to.

Cable rocks and AT&T you suck. No more TV going out just from a little sprinkle of rain, snow build-up, wind, clouds, or any other thing mother nature throws at us.

Spectrum gets a thumbs up, AT&T, do you need me to tell you what finger you get?

Kiss my grits AT&T!

Leslie Zpt



Mom passed away 1 month after this post on Feb 17, 2019.

2 thoughts on “AT&T/Direct TV 0, MOM 1

  1. Your story of AT&T sounds so familiar as I went through a similar thing with their customer service last year in February. I reminded them I had been with DirecTV since 1999 and “as soon as I hangup I am going to Dish Network” … I did too. By the next day they have the nicest customer service rep calling me wanting to work out my problem plus she even lived in the USA, not the Philippines, India or Brazil. For the past 11 months have have sent me the monthly offer of $300 to come back and the same programming I had before for only $24.99 per month for 2 years instead of the $114 they were about to charge me when I quit.

    Living in a rural area I have no other choice than satellite tv and internet service.

    I DO feel your pain though … IMO DirecTv went to shit when AT&T bought them.


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